About  Me

Although I’m currently New York-based, I’m proud to say that my journey to get here has been a long, winding road halfway around the world and back. I grew up in Connecticut, but my family moved to Dublin when I was ten years old to escape our sleepy suburban town and live amongst the leprechauns. Two years later, we relocated to another country of its own (Texas), where I lived for six years and somehow survived high school. Post-graduation, I booked a one-way ticket to NYC to pursue my dream of becoming a journalist.

I spent four years in the Bronx attending Fordham University, six of those months spent shark cage diving, paragliding and bungee jumping while studying abroad in Cape Town, South Africa. After graduating with a Communications & Media Studies degree and multiple editorial internships under my belt (including stints at The Cut, WWD, and Seventeen), I landed an Editorial Assistant position at Family Circle magazine. I worked my way up to the Assistant Beauty Editor position, and after three and a half years, realized I needed to leave my print magazine job if I ever really wanted to make it in the digital media space. 

My name is Daley Quinn and I’m a full time freelance writer, part time Vanessa Carlton stalker (give a tune other than “A Thousand Miles” a listen, people!).

I’m So Glad You Found Me!

Even more terrifying was my boldest move to date: relocating to Boston in 2019 to finally close the gap in my long-distance relationship, leaving behind the city that wouldn’t let me sleep for nine years straight. After spending two years in Boston during a global pandemic, my partner and I decided to move back to NYC, where we currently reside.

While moving around so much has had its own set of challenges, it’s ultimately given me the greatest gift I’ve ever received: the ability to easily adapt and effortlessly connect with others. It’s a strength I’ve earned through many years of having to make new friends, cultivate connections and entertain different types of people, and is one that I use when crafting a compelling story for a publication or writing an engaging newsletter for a brand. 

I’ve done it before, and I’ll do it again—let’s make some moves with your publication or brand, and let me help guide you on a wild (and successful) adventure of your own. 

Quitting my magazine editor role to pursue a freelance career was scary, but ended up being the best move I’ve ever made. Since then, I’ve been published in top digital publications including Women’s Health, Allure, Byrdie, TODAY, Well + Good, Healthline, Fashionista, and many more.